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July 5, 2021

Dear clients and neighbors,

As the pandemic continues with some reasons for a degree of optimism, I wanted to update you on the approach of POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC in performing our necessary environmental services. Our company continues to provide vital assistance to ones who have had a catastrophic event in their homes—floods, fires, etc.—along with issues as a result of moisture damage. 


We established protocols in line with CDC guidelines and government direction at the beginning of the pandemic and we are continuing to maintain these high standards. These protocols include: 

  1. Our assessors will only come on-site if they are completely symptom-free. Of note is that all of our field assessors are maintaining very limited contact with others besides their necessary contact with clients.

  2. Prior to our arrival, we would appreciate the client wiping down contact points with a disinfectant. This would include hard surfaces such as door handles that we will likely touch in the affected areas of the home that we will be inspecting.

  3. Each of our assessors will arrive at your location wearing an N-95 face mask for your protection and ours.

  4. We request that, other than necessary interfacing with our clients regarding their areas of concern that we are there to assess, our contact will be as limited as possible while maintaining social distancing. Our preference is that the client will remain in another area of the home or outside while we perform our inspection.


Assessor in PPE during a home visit

The majority of the homes we enter have underlying potential contamination issues as the reason for our being present. Our certified mold assessors who will be present in your environment are trained in matters of contamination control and prevention and will take every reasonable precaution to protect you and your family from harm.


Having mold in the home is an environmental concern that should be addressed as soon as mold activity or contamination is suspected. With the above processes, we feel confident that we can enter your home or business to perform our essential service in a manner that protects you and our associates.  


We will continue to be there to assist you with your environmental assessment needs in these unprecedented times.




Bill Powers Profile.jpeg

William Powers, CMA


Senior Environmental Consultant

Powers Environmental LLC


Corporate Member of the IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)


CMI – Certified Mold Inspector with MICRO (Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization)

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