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Do I really need a mold inspection (assessment) if the remediator says he can start without one?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Why have a mold inspection company perform an inspection if the remediator says that he can start without an assessment?

A mold remediation contractor may suggest that you let them move forward with a remediation project to correct what may be thought to be an obvious mold problem in your home without performing a mold assessment. However, having a mold assessment (inspection) prior to beginning remediation is important.

In New York State, a remediation company is required by law to have a mold assessment report and remediation plan provided by a licensed mold assessment company prior to beginning work. This law was enacted to provide consumer protection for homeowners to ensure that the work being performed is actually necessary.  Would you want to do business with a remediation company willing to sidestep the law so that you can avoid the cost of a certified mold assessment?

If you live in another state that does not specifically require an assessment prior to beginning remediation work, such as New Jersey or Connecticut, you still will benefit from having an independent mold assessment.


At times what is thought of as mold is not actually mold at all. Performing remediation work and the major costs associated with it would be paying for unnecessary work.

Even when there is actually mold activity occurring, the remediation plan provided by a licensed assessment company ensures that only what is needed is done with no unnecessary work performed.

Obviously, a mold assessment company charges for their service and this could be viewed as an avoidable expense. However, consumers can easily recoup the cost of the service and more by keeping the remediation project limited to the necessary scope, thus avoiding unneeded additional work. A mold assessment can actually save thousands of dollars off of the total cost of the project.

Powers Environmental LLC invites you to contact us via phone or email to have a complimentary phone consultation. We may be able to diagnose on the phone whether an assessment is necessary or not.

If an assessment is warranted, we can provide a fixed price for our service.

Our office phone number is 877-383-9814 or you can email us at

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