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Should I have my home inspector perform a mold inspection in a home I am considering purchasing?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Having a mold inspection of a home is important to determine if there is a problem to be aware of before purchasing a property. You might wonder: “If my home inspector offers this service, should I have them do it while they are checking other areas of the structure?”

No. Why not?

Oftentimes, the “mold inspection” offered by a home inspector is a very basic matter of taking an air sample in an area of a home which is compared to an outside sample. Based on the report that comes back from a lab, you know what the levels of mold spores are in that area of the home.

But what does the lab report actually mean? Many home inspectors do not know. In fact, the locations where they take samples may not be the best places to sample.

Even if the home inspector is “certified” as a mold assessor, their experience is in checking other systems of a structure— electrical, plumbing, HVAC. They are also good at checking the condition of the roof, the foundation, appliances, etc. Mold inspections is an add-on service for them that is done occasionally and is simply outside their area of expertise. Understanding a mold situation in a home and its solution is a complex matter requiring experience in investigating this specific problem.

A better choice for you is to hire a mold assessor who specializes in this complex field. Mold assessors do not try to do a general home inspection because that is not their field. And for home inspectors, mold is simply not their field, either.

The mold assessors with Powers Environmental LLC focus on indoor air quality conditions in a structure and mold assessments is 99% of what they do. Our company has been performing mold assessments for more than ten years and we have inspected literally thousands of inspections in homes, commercial offices, retail stores, schools, healthcare facilities and more to assist with mold and moisture issues.

Besides telling you whether there is a mold concern in a structure or not, we endeavor to explain why it happened, along with how the problem can be fixed.

We would be happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your potential purchase. Our office phone number is 877-383-9814 or you can email us at

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