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Indoor Air Quality

What’s in the air in your home or workplace?


Studies have shown that levels of air pollutants tend to be more concentrated indoors than out. People sometimes notice that in some indoor environments, perhaps their home or workspace, they experience headaches, sore throats, or allergic reactions that go away when they are in another environment.


Indoor air contaminants in your home or workplace could be causing or contributing to these symptoms.

What We Do

We provide environmental assessments including indoor air quality testing and mold assessments in homes, institutions and workplaces.


The Certified Inspectors at POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC evaluate the indoor environment putting decades of experience with healthy homes and buildings into action.  We perform state-of-the-art testing and analysis and document our findings in a report that provides information to you in clear, understandable terms and provides advice to help resolve your indoor air quality issues. 

Our Mission Statement

Our focus is to determine the quality of the indoor environment and recommend solutions to improve the environment in which our clients live, work and play.

Certified Mold Inspections Danbury CT — Mold Testing Service Company

With offices in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC provides certified mold inspections throughout the tri-state area.  Our mold inspections evaluate conditions in the indoor environment and provide air sampling and analysis. When conditions in the home indicate the need for remediation, we provide a remediation plan that is needed by a remediation contractor to begin their work.  


Please note:  POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC does not provide mold remediation services.  This eliminates a conflict of interest that occurs when one company provides both inspection and remediation services, as some do.  Sometimes these companies offer “free” mold inspections or to deduct their inspection charge from the remediation charges.  Unfortunately their results are often biased or can lead to unnecessary, expensive work in your home.  At POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC, our sole focus to provide a clear understanding of your indoor environment.  


At your request, we are happy to provide a resource list of companies that can assist you with remediation and restoration services in your area.


Call POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC for a free phone consultation on how to investigate and identify mold problems in your home, institution or workplace.


Customer Reviews

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Corporate Member of the IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)


CMI – Certified Mold Inspector with MICRO (Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization)

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