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Mold Assessment & Clearance Inspections

People suspect mold issues when they see unusual staining, smell odors or when they experience chronic health symptoms. POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC provides expert, independent mold assessments of your home, institution or workplace.


Our mold assessment includes a thorough visual inspection, use of thermal imaging and moisture meter technologies, and indoor air quality sampling to measure levels of airborne mold spores compared to an outside sample.


Having a licensed mold assessor perform an inspection is required before a mold remediation contractor can begin work in New York State. Though this step is not mandated in Connecticut or New Jersey, it is still to your benefit to have an inspection performed by a certified mold assessor. This serves a valuable purpose by having an independent determination of the extent of the problem. When a mold remediation contractor determines the extent of what needs to be done, this becomes a conflict of interest for them. We provide a written report of the situation and use our experience to determine the cause of the problem and what is needed to remediate it. Importantly, we provide guidance on how to avoid future mold problems.


At the end of the remediation process, it is important to have a clearance inspection performed. This serves as a quality check of the remediation work area. A visual inspection is performed and air quality samples are taken to confirm that the remediator has sufficiently cleaned the indoor air of excessive mold spore contamination.

Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos was used in many common building materials, such as different types of insulation, floor tiles, textured ceilings, drywall, drywall compound, plaster, etc. in homes and other buildings constructed during the last century. Most use of asbestos in these applications was stopped in the 1980’s.  


Asbestos inspections are important in homes built from the 1980’s and prior whenever the building materials described above are to be disturbed. “Disturbed” can include these materials being cut, drilled, scraped or any other way in which the suspect material is handled where fibers may be released into the air. These types of activities typically occur during a renovation project or a mold remediation project.


Therefore, it is recommended that any materials that will be disturbed should be tested to determine whether there is asbestos present in levels that have been established by the EPA as requiring asbestos abatement to remove it and properly dispose of it.  


Identifying whether asbestos is present is important because only workers trained and equipped to handle asbestos should remove it from the area where renovations or remediation is to be performed.


POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC asbestos inspectors are EPA/AHERA accredited and certified by NYS Department of Health to perform asbestos inspections. We can provide certified asbestos inspections in New Jersey and New York State.

Real Estate Inspections

Before making what is likely your largest single investment, have an independent mold assessment performed by POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC to check for signs of problems that may not be noted by the untrained eye.

Our inspections focus on just that—mold, not electrical, plumbing or other building matters.  Unlike a general home inspector, our certified mold inspectors have the experience and methods to identify whether a problem exists that can be more easily corrected or if the issue is more systemic which could make the problem more difficult and expensive to correct.

Odor Identification (VOC & Formaldehyde Sampling)

Unexplained odors are associated with chemical off-gassing in an indoor environment. This is addressed by ventilating a space and removing the source of the problem. Determining the origin of the odor can be performed by POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC with an analysis of what is in the air.  


This is often performed in conjunction with a mold assessment.

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) or Building Related Illness (BRI)

Unexplained health symptoms are sometimes evidence of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) or Building Related Illness (BRI). The cause may be related to one or more of the issues discussed above (mold or off-gassed chemicals) possibly as a result of improper construction methods or faulty equipment. These are real issues and the causes can be tracked down by the building science experts at POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC.

Sewage Cleanup Assessments

When sewage backups or “black water” contamination occurs, cleanup contractors are brought in to care for contaminated furniture and contents, as well as to remove solid and liquid contaminants. This is followed by sanitizing solid surfaces.   


But how do you know if the cleanup work was completely successful and that all disease-carrying agents have been removed? POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC offers the latest in testing methods to rapidly determine whether all contamination has been removed and affected surfaces in your home have been properly sanitized.

Other Environmental Services

If you have questions in areas besides those shown above, feel free to contact us to discuss your specific environmental concerns.


Corporate Member of the IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)


CMI – Certified Mold Inspector with MICRO (Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization)

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